Epic Scores of John Williams and More!

Epic Scores of John Williams and More!
Epic Scores of John Williams and More!
May 31, 2024   8:00 PM   11:00 PM
Arts & Theatre Events
1 Center Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07102, United States Of America
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Not Available
Not Available
Price Range
$10.00 - $123.00
Epic Scores of John Williams and More! New Jersey Symphony Special Concert Xian Zhang conductor New Jersey Symphony Celebrate epic film scores with your New Jersey Symphony, from unforgettable themes composed by John Williams, to the golden age of cinema, to famous classical music moments in movies. Enjoy familiar favorites from Harry Potter and Star Wars alongside monumental musical moments from Apocalypse Now and Cast Away, and so much more. You won?t want to miss this love letter to film music! Please note: John Williams will not be in attendance for these performances. This concert features selections from John Williams? scores; no film projection.
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