Best app for finding local events!
It is pretty incredible what Wangoworld can do when it comes to finding events near you. I was trying to find a good place to hang out on a friday night, and came across the Wangoworld site. I downloaded the app and was able to see all local events near me. I was even able to find one of my favorite artists was having a live concert just a few miles from my home. That did make my weekend. Good job guys!

– Marianah, Denver


Best events app for Artists!
As a musician, my biggest worry is how to get news about my upcoming concerts to my fans. I discovered that Wangoworld could help promote my gigs and reach more fans easily. I would definitely use Wangoworld to promote my events and gigs.

– Jack, Las Vegas


Wangoworld is an easy to use yet powerful app. I don't know why no one thought of this before, but getting every information I need in a single place saves me lots of time and effort. Wangoworld has integrated several things I do daily into a single app. Love it!

– Casey, Boston


Wangoworld is amazing! :-)

– Stanley, Houston


I had the privilege of reviewing the Wangoworld app even before it was launched, and the ease of use and access to information is very commendable. The app provides you with information you need frequently without having to search and wait for results. Very simple and yet powerful. It's definitely a top app for my phone, and I will use it daily.

– John, New York

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