How to Choose the Best Local Events This Weekend

weekend event

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to unwind, explore, and enjoy everything your community has to offer. From cultural festivals to live music, sporting events, and more, the possibilities are endless. But with so many options, how do you choose the best events that will make your weekend memorable? This comprehensive guide will provide you with tips and strategies to discover and select the most exciting local events this weekend.

Understanding Your Interests

The first step in choosing the best local events is to understand what you enjoy most. Are you a music aficionado, a sports enthusiast, an art lover, or someone who enjoys outdoor activities? Identifying your interests helps narrow down the options, making the selection process more manageable.

List Your Interests

Write down a list of your interests and hobbies. This could include anything from live concerts and theater performances to sports games, food festivals, or outdoor adventures.

Prioritize Your Preferences

Rank these interests based on what you feel most passionate about. This prioritization will guide you in making decisions when multiple events coincide.

Utilizing Local Resources

With your interests in mind, it's time to explore the resources available for finding local events:

Local Event Calendars

Check out community bulletin boards, city websites, and local newspapers. These resources often list upcoming events that might not be widely advertised.

Social Media Groups

Join local Facebook groups or follow local Instagram pages dedicated to events in your area. These platforms often have real-time updates and insider tips on the best upcoming events.

Tourism Websites

Many cities have a tourism website where upcoming events are prominently featured. These are particularly useful for finding large-scale events and festivals.

Leveraging Technology

In addition to traditional methods, technology can significantly enhance your ability to find and select the best local events.

Event Apps

Use apps like Wangoworld, Eventbrite, or Meetup to discover a variety of events tailored to your location and interests. These apps provide detailed information, including dates, locations, and ticket purchasing options.

Google Alerts

Set up Google Alerts for keywords related to your interests along with your city name. This way, you’ll receive automatic updates whenever there are new listings or news about upcoming events in your area.

Reading Reviews and Ratings

Once you have a list of potential events, look for reviews and ratings to gauge the quality and popularity of each event:

Online Reviews

Websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook provide valuable insights from previous attendees. Pay attention to comments about the organization, venue, and overall experience.

Ask for Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, or coworkers about their experiences at past events. Personal recommendations can be incredibly helpful.

Planning Your Weekend

With the information gathered, you can start planning your weekend:

Create a Schedule

Map out your weekend considering travel time between events, start and end times, and any pre- or post-event activities.

Consider Logistics

Think about parking, public transportation options, and dining areas near the event venues. Planning these in advance can save you time and stress.

Book Tickets in Advance

For popular events, it’s wise to book your tickets ahead of time to avoid sold-out situations.


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weekend event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, start looking at least a week in advance. This gives you ample time to research, decide, and, if necessary, purchase tickets.

Always have a backup plan. Check Wangoworld or other apps for similar events happening at the same time. Most platforms will notify you of cancellations if you've shown interest in an event.

Always check the weather forecast in advance and dress accordingly. Bring essentials like sunscreen, water, and a hat for daytime events, or a warm jacket for evening activities.

Explore niche groups and forums related to specific interests on social media. These often list smaller, less commercial events that aren't widely advertised.

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